Welcome to Recovery Zone a Premium Medical Centre

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 9pm
  Contact : +91 9795116215



Recovery Zone seeks to provide mental health services to children, adolescents and adults with emotional, behavioral, developmental, neurological and lifestyle related problems in a safe, friendly and confidential environment. Services offered include:

  • Assessments : Comprehensive assessment for emotional, behavioral, psychosomatic illnesses, chronic pain and neurological condition.
  • Psychotherapy : Individual therapy, group therapy, play therapy with children, family counseling, marital counseling, stress management and crisis intervention.
  • Rehabilitation after a disability : Assisting an individual (and family) in coping with an injury or illness which may be chronic, traumatic and congenital so that optimal physical, psychological and interpersonal functioning is attained. Main focus is on management of spinal cord injuries, chronic back pain, cognitive remediation with brain injuries, strokes and other neurological disabilities.
  • Coping with chronic pain : Chronic pain is known to be affected by stress and poor mental health. Using a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach, emphasis is placed on managing pain using psychological techniques and pain management counseling in collaboration with a trained yoga therapist.

A Peer Counselor is a person who is a well-rehabilitated spinal cord injured person and who has a fair knowledge of not just the bodily impact of the injury but also as to how such an injury affects the various psycho-social aspects of an individual’s life. Having undergone a similar life experience, he/she is able to help another person with SCI, grapple with this change and cope with it better as the patient is likely to see him as a role model who has pulled through this difficult event. A Peer Counselor advises the patient about the injury, its effects, bladder, bowel and sexual management, prevention of bedsores and other complications along with other psychosocial aspects.


The Medical Social Worker at Recovery Zone plays an important role in helping the patients from a low socioeconomic background. He/she conducts the social assessment at the time of admission in order to help the poor patient avail the treatment facilities. In order to bring about the maximum independence, the Social Worker arranges aids and appliances such as wheelchair & walker etc., also aiding the patients by arranging economic assistance, blood, medicines and even legal help in many cases by liasoning with many Government and Non-Government Organizations. He/she also apprises the patients of the options available regarding the availability of loans, concessions, disability rights and reservation in jobs etc.