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Neurosurgery is a division which deals with array of procedures related to brain and spine.

Here at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, we provide spectrum of neurosurgical procedures ranging from head injury management to functional neurosurgery. We are having world-class facility and cutting edge technology for neurosurgery which includes dedicated trauma management, specialized ICU care and dedicated and fully furnished neurosurgical theatres equipped with neuro monitoring equipments. Idea is to develop a centre where patient gets all neurosurgical facilities under one roof.

Following are the services provided –


  1. Trauma Surgery.
  2. Brain Tumor Surgery
  3. Shunt Surgery
  4. Vascular Surgery
  5. Aneurrysm
    • AVM
    • Stereotaxy
    • Functional Neurosurgery
    • Epilepsy Surgery
    • Pediatric Neurosurgery
    • Meningomyelocele
    • Encephalocele
    • Neuroendoscopic Surgery


  1. Spine Tumor Surgery
  2. Spine Fusion Surgery
  3. Traumatic Spine Surgery
  4. Disc Prolapse Surgery